Can cloud bridge the gap between lines of business and IT?

The article “Can cloud bridge the gap between lines of business and IT?”

caught my attention because it does pin down the multi level problem.

The short answer is: The cloud used with the right attitude and deploying the right tools can be used to bridge the gap.

Cloud = Connectivity

IXP = platform to connect the business with the IT world

i-language = visual language connection business professionals and IT professionals, including programming !


We have been working on just this for a few years. Our approach is to enable line of business (LOB) and information technology (IT) professionals to use a common language in a tool deployed in the cloud that they can use as a team to bridge the communication, expectation gap between them.


The cloud as a communication tool can give the prevailing mind sets on either side of the gap LOB – IT professionals, a push in direction of communication and the understanding what the other side can bring to the table. IT professionals can offer to the LOB professional service that focus around products and services, to and around the customer. On the other side LOB professionals can see that they can do way more with IT professionals on their team than without, presuming both have a team spirited mindset.

We have been working on a common language, that can be used by LOB and IT professionals, to bridge this gap. The success depends on the proactive open and team spirited approach of both sides in the business. A 1.5 minute video about the language is on