Using our prototyping Services you capture ideas, business processes as well as software internal processes. You can do that in one online service all the way to a running P-Prototype application without coding. The P-Application is available to all involved in the project, end users, modelers and programmers.


Diagrams - visual - without the need of coding.


With IXP you create, quickly and cost efficiently, running P-Prototypes resulting in Business Process diagrams and Software Internal process diagrams, Software specifications and pseudo code, opening up new possibilities in software projects and software project management.

In normal Software Projects most time and work is spent on iterating through activities that do not entail coding. These activities include optimization of business processes, finding what is required of the software and defining Software specification as well as deployment of the software. Throughout the software project many iterations are performed.


How can the overall time and effort be reduced? Iterations have to be kept to a minimum through clear and perfect communication, all parties know exactly what they want, and understand the needs of the other parties involved and the first version of the software specifications are complete and correct.


Well we all know that these conditions only exist in theory. So to reduce the cost, time and number of iterations in and between each activity, Software prototypes are coded or scripted and form the bases of communication of all parties involved.


Regular Software prototypes are visual models of only parts of an application, like user interfaces and data structures. They can include rules to simulate behavior or computation.


Prototypes are NOT usable like the ready made applications nor do they include documentation or diagrams of business or software processes. So the enduser can not really "proof the concept" by test driving the prototype.

This is why prototypes do help, but are often viewed in software production as a unnecessary extra step which only could help in big projects. Prototypes which are created, are often a weak point in software production, because most the time they do not capture any software requirement completely and changes to features, during the software project, are not reflected in the prototype.


If software prototypes where, quickly and cost efficiently made, and where just as usable as the actual applications, include documentation and diagrams of business as well as software internal processes, then these new Prototypes could be used as a central element in software development projects and finally unfold the full cost savings potential of prototypes.


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