We will create your prototype for you.


Our Prototyping team aims to keep your hand free of visual programming in IXP, to be able to concentrate on other parts of the project.

Just call us and we will do the visual programming for you.

During your meeting you want our programming and documentation support. You call us and schedule our online support for your meeting. During the meeting we connect to you live online via voice and screen sharing and texting. Throughout the meeting we interact or just listen. Using our inside out approach to software projects we start to program visually using our tool. We program running applications that can be used in operations or as prototypes. From the application we generate documentation which can be used as a specification or specification appendix. Well and you will have a running software on which the documentation is based.

You have a document, like a specification or you want to base a software on. Call us we will open a project for you and tell you where to send the documents to.

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